The Mins Game (Days 3 & 4)

The mins game has actually illuminated more for me than I thought it would. I haven’t just been getting rid of stuff, but learning a little about why I have the stuff that I don’t want in the first place. So here are two more contributions and the insights that lie with them.

(The total is up to: 10 items.)

Day 3: Three Tank Tops

I held onto 2 very large tank tops in the event of pregnancy, but now that I’m pregnant, I realize that this “just in case” was an excuse not to make an informed decision. On some level, I must have known that black and white are not my colors. In fact, I invested in some used maternity tops more to my liking since becoming pregnant. Tank tops that fit nicely into my pregnancy capsule wardrobe. Today, I’m saying goodbye to these unwanted tops.

I have another tank top that I was saving for after pregnancy as it is my usual size. It is a pale blue and white striped mariner inspired top. Also not quite my style. So, I’ll be putting these tank tops in my garage sale and donating them to the Salvation Army if they don’t get sold.

These three items point to my tendency to hold onto things that really aren’t “me” because I lack confidence in my personal style. Describing my style is an important step in keeping this from happening so often.

Find Your Style Questions

Here are four questions you can answer for yourself,¬†though I’ve given my answer as an example. This exercise may be helpful if you’re like me and have a hard time defining the boundaries of your collection.

  • What do you spend your days doing?

I spend the majority of my time working from home, watching my kids, being outside, and working out. I don’t need a lot of office wear, but comfort and maneuverability are important.

  • What are your colors?

Blue (especially navy, but light blues are also nice), blue jeans (dark wash), browns and tans, greens (mostly dull military and olive), grey, with purples, reds, and pinks as accents. Paisleys and organic patterns if any.

I (almost) never wear: yellows, oranges, bright reds, blacks, whites, stripes, polka dots.

  • What are three words to describe the kind of look you’re going for?

sporty, outdoorsy, earthy boho

  • Describe one typical “uniform”.

Dark wash blue jeans, a belt, a grey tank top, a green button-down shirt with rolled up sleeves, earthy jewelry, hiking boots.

Day 4. Christmas Paraphernalia. 


When I celebrate Christmas with my husband’s family, I tend to get Christmas gear. Usually, it seems to be re-gifts from people who love and want to include me but don’t know much about me. Thus the Christmas-related stuff even though I don’t celebrate the holiday at home.

I haven’t yet discovered a sensitive way to reject these, especially without telling my in-laws that I’m not even Christian. So, here’s 4 more items for the garage sale. Maybe they’ll bring joy to others.

I’m still trying to figure out how to opt out of gift exchanges all together, but I don’t know if this is even possible when trying to keep social bonds strong in the face of cultural norms.

Until next time, keep that talk walking!