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A Minimalist Wardrobe (for a School-Aged Boy)

Decluttering a young boy’s closet is surprisingly easy and has many benefits. Some specific benefits for school-aged boys include: A curated closet contains tops and bottoms with the entire collection in mind. This gives a child a sense of autonomy … Continue reading


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Baby Bottoms and Landfill Diapers (Revisited)

I just finished filming a video on my new diaper stash today. Then I sit down to discover that this was also the topic of today’s eco-challenge revisit. Last year, I made resolutions to use cloth diaper wipes and to … Continue reading

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Baby Bottoms and Landfill Diapers

I was gung ho about cloth diapering even before my first child was born. The financial and health benefits weren’t a consideration yet. For me, I was strongly opposed to landfill diapers. See? I already had zero waste tendencies. I’ve … Continue reading

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