About Talk Walking

While Sky has been something of a sustainability nerd for most of her life, she has recently come across new ideas (particularly zero waste and minimalism) that sparked revelations for her about how far she could still go in her efforts.

She has always considered her mission in life to empower herself and others to live in a way that is congruent with personal values and intimately linked to the Earth. In an effort to meet her mission, Sky has begun this blog, Talk Walking, to remind us all to keep walking our talk.

This blog will be all about finding ways to live sustainably, congruently, and naturally.

About Sky Trombly

Sky Trombly has been passionately obsessed with her first love, Nature, for as long as she can remember. She considers her work as an environmental educator and writer to be an extension of that love.

She is a mother of three children. She lives with her husband on a small, suburban “farmstead” where she uses the home and land as her laboratory for green living.

Sky was top of her classes in her Environmental Studies major and received multiple awards for outstanding scholarship. She has worked as a Natural Areas Ranger for five years and as a Summit Guide in the Adirondacks.

Besides working as a Natural Areas Ranger and living and working on top of Blue Mountain in the Adirondacks, Sky has had a wide range of experiences in the out-of-doors. She has lived in a tent for a couple of summers and a cabin she refurbished for another. She has been camping since she was little and has a store of true and amazing stories. Once, for example, she was “kissed” by a bear!