Composting Floor Waste

Sometimes, I’m not a very “think-outside-the-box” kinda person. No one ever told me that almost everything picked up with my broom and vacuum cleaner is compostable. But dirt dragged in from outside, food that’s fallen to the floor, and dust bunnies are all candidates for the compost.

Compost is nature’s recycling system and it does it better than we do. Plus anything that could return to the soil, but is instead trapped in a landfill is a missed opportunity.

That said, I’m going to pick out the stray plastic item off my dustpan and dump the remainder in the compost bin. And I’m going to empty my vacuum cleaner’s canister over the compost pile! (No more dust storm inside the house!)

(I’m never going back to a vacuum cleaner that requires a bag.)

It’s actually amazing that I didn’t even consider this before my aha! moment. But all these scraps previously went in my garbage.

How About You?

Does the idea of composting your floor waste strike you as odd? Or is it already a part of your routine? And if it is something you already do, was it going zero waste that made you do it? Let me know in the comments below!

Until next time, keep that talk walking!

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1 Response to Composting Floor Waste

  1. Ashley Marie says:

    Even though I have yet to jump on the composting train (it’s a desire of mine, but for various reasons I can’t commit quite yet) I had never even considered this waste to be compostable. It’s funny, I vacuum, but never really think beyond that immediate action.


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