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Clothing Kids: A Zero-Waste Conundrum

Kids grow fast. On top of that, kids are really rough on clothes. I know, these aren’t great, revelatory observations, sorry. But for zero-wasters, this is a particular problem. It seems that every other day, my older son has blown … Continue reading

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The minimalist and Zero Waste movements intersect from the start. Béa Johnson, in her book: The Zero Waste Home, introduces the hierarchy of Zero Waste, known as the 5 R’s. The first two: “Refuse what you do not need” and … Continue reading

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Zero Waste Period Gear

WARNING: If you lack female parts, or are particularly squeamish, this post may not be for you. Reader discretion is advised. I just finished that time of the month. You know what I’m talking about. I used to buy packages … Continue reading

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Simple Gift-Giving

Want. Need. Wear. Read. ‘Tis the season. For buying too much stuff. Gigantic hauls under Christmas and Yule trees, gifts exchanged beside Chanukiahs, gifts that represent consumption mania, environmental devastation, guilt trips, debt, and disappointment. Kids running out of steam … Continue reading

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