Zero Waste Shaving

My husband and I got on the safety razor train while we were back in college. For us, these were no-brainers. We never liked the idea that we were wasting our money on disposable, plastic razors that were only a few uses shy of a landfill. That all said, what we were going to use with our swanky, stainless steel numbers was a more complex question.

At first, we got ceramic bowls and brushes and soap. I liked that we weren’t using aerosol cans.

Then, I started to question the ethical sourcing of the bristles on the brush and the soap that came with it. So, I got a plastic tube with Dr. Bronner’s shave soap in it. I like Dr. Bronner’s products.

Then, I wondered about the plastic that went into the tube.

Obviously, I have a problem with thinking too much at times. Or, maybe, not thinking something through enough before trying to act in the best way I know how.

For about a year, I’ve been using coconut oil as a shaving lubricant. I use this and it deodorizes and moisturizers my shave zones while providing a painless shave. Better still, I can easily get it from the grocery store in a glass jar with a metal lid.

I am pretty sold on this solution.

My husband’s and my safety razors. Below are some long lasting (refillable and recyclable) blades. Illustrated are two of our shaving cream solutions that we’ve used in the past. 

How About You? 

Have you tried this awesome, retro shaving solution? Do animal-hair brushes wig you out? Or have you decided that shaving isn’t right for you? Post your answers in the comments section below and…

Until next time, keep that talk walking!

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