The Mins Game (Days 5-9)

This week was filled with activity. It forced me to group the culling for days 5-9 all onto a single day. This is not really how the mins game is meant to go down, but it is better than not doing it at all.

Day 5. Random Stuff

  • I got rid of a sock monkey with a run (the kids don’t like it anyway), this will go into the garage sale first because it could still find a home.
  • A 2015 calendar. I don’t know why I still had it. This went to the recycling.
  • Dr. Dolittle DVD to the garage sale pile.
  • Graduation frame I still have in a box. Clearly, I don’t need it.
  • A bird puzzle game to the garage sale pile.

This collection does not really point to any habits that I need to get rid of except for the oh so general habit of collecting clutter and not making quicker decisions about things. That’s why I’m in the mess that I’m in!

Day 6. Crochet and Knitting Patterns and Booklets

I enjoy crocheting and sometimes knitting, but when I go about a project, I will look up something very specific from the start. I tend to look for patterns that call to me from online or in a craft store. I almost never touch the dated patterns that I’ve collected. For day 6, I got rid of 6 old paper patterns and booklets. I’m putting them in the recycling because they are so tatty I don’t think they have value to anyone anymore.

Day 7: Novels

Since having kids, I don’t really have time to read for pleasure anymore. Most of my reading is non-fiction for work or personal development. If I do get the time in the future, I could easily borrow something from my local library or download something to my iPad. My husband almost never reads either and my kids are too young for most of the novels I’ve been housing.

Therefore, most novels don’t need to live here. I will keep my favorites (and my husband’s favorites) and the one’s I want to share with my kids in a few years.

These novels are actually in really good condition. I’ll probably start with the garage sale for convenience sake, but those that don’t get sold, I will either try to sell on Amazon/eBay or donate to the library.

Day 8: Kids’ Coloring Books

The kids inherited a large number of pre-loved coloring books, but they don’t even look at them. Instead, they shove them aside in the search for the ones we purchased for them based on their interests. The pile had actually outgrown the coloring module which used to be able to fit the books and crayons together.

Therefore, I’m culling the collection by 8 so that the coloring books fit in the box with the crayons again. These I will put out for free or at a very low price at the garage sale.

Day 9: 9 Used Spools of Crochet Cotton

I inherited a bunch of crafting supplies recently. Among them, 9 partial spools of crochet cotton. Some spools have quite a bit of crochet thread left, some have small amounts. I may try to off-load this first in my garage sale and then at a meeting of the library’s crafting club.

The thing is, none of the colors speak to me and I tend to enjoy purchasing materials when I begin a new project as part of the creative process.


So, I’m still doing the mins game even though this is a very crazy time of the year for me. I’m already seeing an improvement in my home and in my minimalist skills.

Until next time, keep that talk walking!


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