Holiday Candy (Day 16)

Easter took me entirely by surprise. I forget when it is every year and I just didn’t expect the holiday to impact my family. This year, my husband was sick and feeling nostalgic for his childhood traditions, I guess. So when I asked him what he wanted from the grocery store and he suggested Easter candy, I realized I had miscalculated.

It isn’t just him, though. My son attends a pre-school and I swear some holidays are all they learn. This past December was a month-long study-intensive course on Santa-Love, for example.

This is all to say that preparation is key because there’s a certain expectation of traditions (let’s be honest, I mean candy here) throughout the year.

It’s doubly hard, if you follow a different calendar, or have an inter or multi-faith family. I’ve felt pressure to do double duty so that I don’t disappoint my kids growing up in mainstream culture on the one hand, but on the other hand don’t neglect my own traditions.

Planning Ahead

This is the model I came up with, because I will have to plan ahead, shop online, and wait for candy to come in the mail. Feel free to use it if it works for you. (this is not sponsored) usually has a collection of seasonal, vegan treats so check them out.

  • January – safe
  • February – buy romantic candy
  • March – buy fertility symbol candy: eggs, bunnies, jelly beans? (save some for whenever Easter falls) Note for Jews: make sure the candy doesn’t contain chametz and is kosher for Passover in case timing and storage becomes an issue. This year, 2017, Easter took place during Passover.
  • April – safe
  • May – safe
  • June – buy vegan marshmellows  (are kosher too!) and vegan chocolate for s’mores keep multiple camping trips in mind
  • July – safe
  • August – safe
  • September – safe
  • October – buy Halloween candy (It’s actually best to get mainstream candy here to share around and knowing which brands are “accidentally vegan” makes a much smoother Halloween.)
  • November – safe
  • December – buy vegan Christmas candy and/or vegan Chanukah gelt

Going Forward

I’m going to set reminders for me to purchase vegan candy for my household at key times. That way, I’m not even tempted to eat the bunny. 🙂

How About You?

How do you prepare for holidays? Are sweet vegan treats available in your area? Let me know in the comments below!



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