My Vegan and Zero Waste Toiletries (Day 6)

For those of you just tuning in, every April I like to re-evaluate my business-as-usual with an eye to going greener. This year, I’m shaking it up with a 30-Day Vegan Challenge. I don’t just want to be vegan for 30 days, though. I’m laying the groundwork so that when my 30 days are up, I can’t fail to continue.

Now, veganism has been on the back of my mind for years. I’ve made several attempts before. The result is that my toiletries are already pretty vegan. There are just two products that I bought without veganism in mind: my red eyebrow pencil (it is F*ing hard to find any red eyebrow pencils!) and a doTERRA facial moisturizer. I use both about once-a-week.

The moisturizer doesn’t really need to replaced. I was testing a product that I was selling when I bought these two containers. When I run out, I just won’t purchase more, problem solved.

However, I have really light eyebrows and like to darken them to match my hair when I wear makeup. I’m not a makeup guru. I tend to stick to Eco Tools or all metal tools and stick with e.l.f. for makeup. But, as far as I’m aware, they don’t make a product for redheads. This leaves a gap I don’t know how to fill. I’m going to try using a makeup brush to fill in my eyebrows with blush. Anyone out there in the same position?

Products I buy:

For the shower: 

Nature’s Gate Shampoo

Dr. Bronner’s Liquid Castile Soap

For my teeth:

ECO-Dent’s Dental Floss

ECO-Dent’s Tooth Powder


Top (from left to right): Castile soap, Nature’s Gate Shampoo, DIY Mouth Rinse, ECO-Dent Dental floss and tooth powder. Bottom: Skin brush and tooth brush (with a replaceable head). Note: I only use castile soap sparingly, as it can disrupt a delicate pH balance.

For my skin:

Coconut Oil, ingredient

Cocoa Butter, ingredient

Baking Soda, ingredient

Liquid Vitamin E, ingredient


Top (from left to right): Deodorant in home and travel containers. Coconut oil and dispenser. Bottom: Lip and Scar Balm for stretch marks, nail clippers, toenail clippers, scissors, tweezers, and skin brush.

For my face:

Witch Hazel (in roller bottle)

DoTERRA Essential Oils

Jojaba Oil, ingredient

Merry Hempster’s vegan lip balm (I will probably just use my own recipe when this runs out to cut down on my plastic)


Moisturizer (will use up), witch hazel in a roller bottle, DIY Face Blend, Merry Hempster’s Lip Balm, Lip & Scar Balm (which I may use to replace the plastic container), and that white thing is a dried konjac sponge, which I use to exfoliate/clean my face


e.l.f. (I generally just find a blush, lip stain, concealer, and foundation I like)


Essential Oil Perfume, Eco Tool Make-Up Brushes, e.l.f. foundation, lip gloss, blush palette, concealer. Sharpening tool. Gabriel eye-liner (vegan), Maybeline eyebrow pencil (non-vegan)


Rainbow Henna (I use this to keep my hair shiny, bright, and to bring out the red tones which are more subtle)


I use an old t-shirt, a shower cap and reusable gloves to cut down on waste. The shower gloves are wearing out. The Henna container is 100% recyclable. I mix up my color with kitchen tools and clean up with rags.


My hair is very short right now and I don’t need many supplies. I mostly use these to keep my hair away from face during grooming sessions.


Skin Brush

ECO-Dent’s Replaceable Heads

Konjac Sponges

Eco Tool makeup brushes

Roller Bottles

Tweezers, Scissors, Nail Clippers, Toenail Clippers, all metal

Personal Hygiene Recipes:

Mouth Rinse


Scar and Lip Balm

Face Blend

Going Forward

As you’re now aware, my hygiene routine shouldn’t hamper me from having a fully vegan lifestyle, with some minor adjustments. This is the end product of a lot of work. I appreciate that those beginning on a vegan path might find this useful, which is my main reason for including this topic.

Since this challenge is mostly about challenging me now, I will attempt to solve my eyebrow conundrum with the makeup products I already have at home.


I didn’t really talk about this, but these are my vegan, zero waste monthly gear. I have a Diva Cup and Wash (both vegan) and reusable pads by Bububibi.

Until next time, keep that talk walking!

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