Day 2. Dairy-Free, Egg-Free Bun in the Oven.

I’ve just begun the second trimester of my third and final pregnancy.

With my firstborn, I began with every intention of having a fully vegan gestation. As veganism at the time was a very new concept, I succumbed to all the varied pressures that I faced: insecurities around a first pregnancy, protein and other deficiency fears, the choice to go with a midwife and have a home birth, work, a job hunt, a move, and a rush to find prenatal and delivery care in the last month of pregnancy.

With my second pregnancy, I wasn’t even thinking about veganism.

Since my second child was born, I’ve renewed my interest in going vegan. That said, I have still had ups and downs in the actual practice of removing eggs, dairy, and honey from my diet and living a vegan lifestyle.

Obviously, meat isn’t the issue: I’ve been vegetarian since 2002 (15 yrs as I write this) and meat is positively repulsive for me.

Vegan Pregnancy Reading

For the purposes of this challenge, I need to find good vegan pregnancy support. I’ve discovered these four books, which I’ll be reading:

How about you? If you know any great books or other resources for pregnant mamas, please let me know!

The Search for the Vegan Prenatal

I’ve been having trouble tracking down a truly vegan food-based prenatal. My first attempts are probably vegetarian only. These have vitamin D3, for example (which is typically derived from the lanolin of sheep’s wool), don’t make clear the source, and don’t claim to be vegan.

I intend to use these up, before continuing my search as these represent a significant financial investment and my not using them after purchase will not impact the industry in any way. I do appreciate that they are bottled in glass (though the tops are non-recyclable plastic).

In the future, I will try this brand:


It, sadly, seems to be packaged in plastic, but it is vegan, food-based, and contains probiotics and enzymes.

Calling Those Vegan Mamas and Papas 

Does anyone have any good resources or advice for me? I’d love to here what you have to say in the comments below!

Until next time, keep that talk walking!

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