Day 1. Lone Vegan.

I live in an area where the word “vegan” might be misunderstood to be a gynecological disease. No kidding. If you want a “vegetarian” option at a buffet, you can dig out the fried zucchini in the same pot with the fried … uh… hot dogs? And the most “vegan” restaurant is Taco Bell, because if you swap out cheese for rice or guac the PETA website says a bean burrito is vegan.

Furthermore, I don’t know any vegans. My entire family (birth and in-laws) eat meat. My husband and kids eat vegetarian at home simply because that is what I buy and make.

The reason I bring this up is because, for this challenge, I want to come to terms with why I have not been consistently vegan in the past. The goal is to set up a kind of infrastructure so that when my 30 Day Challenge is up I can’t fail to continue.

Reaching Out

Today, I made some attempts to reach out to the vegan community. I joined Plant Space and introduced myself in the forums. I got on my Facebook and looked up “Vegan New York” public group. I requested to join. I poked around my Pinterest and added a few vegan-themed pins. I got on my YouTube and subscribed to my favorite vegan YouTubers:

I have no idea if I will make the connections I need from this attempt yet, but it’s a start.

Until next time, keep that talk walking!

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  1. RisFit says:

    Veganism is a journey. Welcome to the community you are never alone!

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