Cloth? It’s My New Bag (Revisited)!

It’s been about a year later since I resolved to cut down our plastic bag use. We’re still not where I would like to be.

I still have my bag of bags hanging by the door and I almost never forget it when I leave to go shopping. I’ve even taken it out of the usual grocery store context and gotten thoughtful comments from fellow shoppers.

I still keep a single cloth bag in my purse (which I’ve used on many occasions).

Where my family gets stuck is when we don’t expect to make purchases. Usually, we’re out with the car. This most often happens when I send my husband out to buy something. He tends to bring home plastic bags. And they breed quietly in the night.

We’re going to try storing a small number of bags in each car and keep them line of sight of the driver and see if this helps to solve the problem. I’ll probably just pull from the bag of bags as I tend to use no more than 6 bags when grocery shopping. It turns out, this gives me two cloth bags for each car.

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