Channeling Ms. Fixit

I’m a passable seamstress. While my creative expletives over sewing machines are rarely child-appropriate, I can mend a pair of pants until the fabric gives up the ghost. This willingness to mend has saved us a ton of money and garbage over the years.

However, kids. Ah, kids will wear through knees before you can blink and keep you busy until you cry for bedtime. Needless to say, the mending pile has grown out of control. So, I will begin to address the mending pile and try to get at least one item repaired a week.

But mending clothes is not the only way to keep stuff from becoming junk. And I will look for opportunities to keep our stuff serviceable including:

  • Treating stains
  • Repairing furniture
  • Sanding door frames (that the cat scratches)
  • Fixing our roof

(Really, this list is endless.)

A Year Later…

I’ve learned that the list for repairs and mending is indeed endless. The pressure to repair everything that has ever been broken has been too much. No one needs that amount of stress in their life. Last year, I had the tendency to add tasks in my zero waste efforts. Adding tasks isn’t really productive, though. Tasks are endless, but specific results can be much more finite.

I choose only to repair the stuff that matters and to let go of the rest. This is where the introduction of minimalism in my life has really helped me to breathe. Why repair 24 pairs of 2T pants, for example, when I’ve determined that my kid needs 7-10 total pairs of bottoms and only 5 of those have to be “nice” enough for school and outings?

The concept of repairing what is needed can be extended elsewhere. Is it important to repair that chair if there is already enough seating in the house? Put out a “free” sign and curb it instead.

How About You?

What things have you learned to repair? Was your inspiration zero waste living? Let me know in the comments below!

Until next time, keep that talk walking!

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  1. mhloecanahan says:

    Aww the little love heart patch is super sweet ❤

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