Zero Waste Shaving

My husband and I got on the safety razor train while we were back in college. More recently, we got shave soap, a bowl, and brush in total old school fashion. I was happy with this set up … But then I went vegan. I questioned everything including the soap I used and what the bristles were made from.

Turns out, neither were vegan and, at about the same time, the handle on my husband’s brush broke. I cheerfully gave him mine and got a (plastic) tube of Dr. Bronner’s shaving cream.

I’m always re-evaluating my assumptions and zero waste has got me re-thinking the plastic, disposable tube.

So, back to the brush, bowl, and soap. I found a vegan bristled brush (the boar’s hair isn’t really more compostable as the handle is synthetic and the hairs are fused so tight that only trimming the top half will get you compostable matter). I also found a soap that comes package free and is vegan. Bingo: I now think I have a fantastic, long term set up.

My husband’s and my safety razers. Below are some longlasting (refillable and recyclable) blades. My husband’s shaving set up including brush, bowl, and soap. And my old shaving cream, which will be great for travel until it is used up. My new stuff hasn’t come yet.


A Year Later…

My husband still uses his set up described above to shave his face.

Exploring minimalism has left me questioning whether I need to shave in the first place! I have light, sparse hair, and I currently don’t think it’s a big deal to skip this chore. Of course, summer is coming and I may change my tune when I start wearing swim suits at the public pool again.

This is an experiment and I haven’t gotten rid of my old tools yet as I still think they are the best answer for shaving (which I could be returning to entirely or shaving during certain seasons). I suppose that I will keep them indefinitely (I don’t imagine there’s a market for this stuff used). I might occasionally decide to shave or they can wait until they fulfill a need: my husband’s razor or  brush breaking, the soap running out,  and so on.

This sort of thing has my minimalist and zero waste tendencies not seeing eye-to-eye. On the one hand, minimalists tend to frown upon keeping something “just in case” and on the other hand, my zero waste tendencies says throwing away perfectly serviceable items is wasteful in the extreme.

How About You? 

Have you switched to this awesome, retro shaving solution? Do animal-hair brushes wig you out? Or have you decided that shaving isn’t right for you?

Until next time, keep that talk walking!

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