Remembering Your Zero Waste Kits

Last Year…

I’ve put a sign by our main entrance to serve as a zero-waste reminder for leaving the house. The thing is, zero waste success is mostly about habit change. I doubt it will get read very often, but seeing the splash of color by the door and associating the sign’s presence with zero waste goals could make a difference.

My husband has been watching this challenge from the side-lines with some amusement, but I’ve caught him reading it.

A Year Later

I’ve taken this sign down. I barely read it and it quickly became background noise. I also have new essentials and new kits that rendered this sign obsolete. For work or school, we’ve established a lunchbox which contains things like cutlery and napkins and a snack. Everyone has their own water bottle. My husband has a coffee mug he only makes use of on free coffee days and it lives in the car.

For eating out, we have a largish lunch box (I think it was intended for carrying a chilled 6 pack or something) which we’ve filled with some empty containers for carrying home left-overs. We’ve also got straws, napkins, cutlery, a bib, and a sippy cup. Most places we eat at have reusable dishes for our use. We store this in the car with the car seats installed).

I have a basket where I keep my leaving the house essentials:

  • water bottle
  • coffee mug
  • handkerchief
  • reusable bag
  • snack
  • keys, wallet, sunglasses

I might put these essentials in the diaper bag or my purse or other bag. Having these items collected all together serves as all the memory aid I need.


Until next time, keep that talk walking!

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One Response to Remembering Your Zero Waste Kits

  1. It is not a bad idea. I forgot my bottle of water a couple of time because I put it by my bed at night.

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