Toward a Zero Waste Garden

Yesterday, I went to an organic gardening workshop and, in the evening, I planned this year’s garden with my husband. Getting food from the backyard would definitely lead to less environmental impact. Especially as I learn skills such as putting up food, incorporating food and yard waste into our system, and seed-saving.

My grandparents were homesteaders, but the skills were not passed on. Everything is fairly new even though we’ve dabbled in the past so this is a tremendous undertaking that I hope will have a positive impact on our health, finances, and our environmental footprint.

How About You?

Do we have any gardeners out there? What zero waste issues come up? Bags of soil treatments? Seeds? Let me know if you have any tips regarding gardens and waste production.

A Year Later…

Every new garden will face different challenges. Weather conditions, soil conditions, the critters of the neighborhood and so forth. This particular garden had a lot of unexpected challenges creep up.

We did get a lot of kale this first year. It stayed late into the fall and my husband informs me that it’s back in the home plot already this year. With a long, unexpected stay away, kale is almost all we got. We also got some carrots, some potatoes, a sunflower, and I think one ear of corn.

As of this time, we’re usually only starting sprouts indoors and on the early planning stage as the weather here can be temperamental. We plan to sprout seeds we already have and use the soil from our compost so this year should at least be more zero waste than last year.

Until next time, keep that talk walking!

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