My Zero Waste Restaurant/Outing Kit 

Zero Waste founder, Bea Johnson, seems amused by these things, favoring creativity over these burdensome kits. However, I have found that convenience often trumps creativity – especially with two young boys in tow.

So, I have created a versatile kit that I can keep in my purse. It starts with a Chico Bag I got with my Klean Kanteen but never seem to use. Then, I added one of our metal straws, a pair of chopsticks (which I prefer over a fork), a cloth napkin, and a Thermos soup/mug with a folding spoon. These are all things we already had so the creation of this kit was also waste free (or rather, waste-past as they originally did come with packaging). I think the Thermos could be used for coffee or other beverages or left-overs from a meal that might otherwise be carted home in styrofoam.

So, here are a few pics of my creative masterpiece:

How About You? 

Does a to-go kit seem necessary for your lifestyle? What are your must haves? Let us know in the comments below.

Until next time, keep that talk walking!

5 thoughts on “My Zero Waste Restaurant/Outing Kit 

  1. Absolutely! Prep is everything. I always have my reusable water bottle, handkerchief, and hand towel wherever I go. If it’s a road trip, I make snacks, and always bring napkin and reusable cutlery and straw. That way I’m prepared!

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      1. I have quite a small purse, so some of them fit, but usually I have to take my mini travel backpack if I’m taking cutlery and snacks, which isn’t really a big deal if I’m on the road anyway.


      2. So, you employ your car as part of your traveling system, right? This works wonders for many of us. I have a gigantic purse that accommodates toys and sippy cups (and my zero waste preps) as my kids and I walk around town.


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