Rot: The Fifth “R” 

We eat a lot of plants at my house. I mean, a lot. My two little boys eat constantly. Fortunately, they are mostly interested in fruit. With peels, stems, inedible seeds, and other bits and pieces, so their consumption leads to waste.

Don’t fret, my zero-waste-inclined friends, because our compost is now back in business. Due to frequent moves, I have a clear idea about how much more garbage goes to landfills if I don’t tend to this precious resource properly.

For this zero waste challenge, I’ve got our second stall of compost up. I’m also educating myself more about compost care and what else I can compost.

We have 2 lidded bins to alternate between so that we can keep the bins fairly clean. Yes, there is a plastic produce bag to one side. I’ve ordered re-usable bags.

This is our three stall composting system. This is our first summer so we only need two right now.

So How About You?

Do you compost? What system do you use? Let us know in the comments below!

Until next time, keep that talk walking! 

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