Drinks to Go

Pictured above: my camping/travel canteen, my husband’s work bottle, the kids’ Kid Kanteens, my mason jar and lid, and my re-usable coffee mug.

Yesterday, I took my youngest to an appointment. It was a multiple hour trip in the rain, which I wasn’t willing to take without a coffee in hand. And, of course, I would need to take some water for my precious little spawn. So, this seemed as good a time as any to bring along his Kid Kanteen, my mason jar and lid, and my re-usable coffee mug.

These aren’t really new items, the boys use their Kid Kanteen sippy cups and I use a mason jar filled with filtered tap water daily. My husband takes a metal water bottle to work with him. We don’t really use plastic bottles, but I think this practice is so important that it doesn’t go without saying.

In an effort to take on something new for the challenge, I will commit to not buying anymore plastic seltzer bottles (a personal weakness of mine since limiting soda for health reasons) which I occasionally indulge in. When my plastic coffee mug breaks again, I will replace it with a durable metal one. Also, I’ll avoid kcups. Like. The. Plague.

How About You?

Do you carry around a disposable plastic bottle? Or have you ditched the disposable, but still grab plastic soda, seltzer, or juice bottles? Is your on-the-go coffee habit a zero waste disaster? Or have you conquered all these challenges?

Until next time, keep your talk walking!

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