My Earth Day Resolution: Go Zero, Hero!

I have recently been introduced to the idea of zero-waste living. For those of you who are also new to the concept, this is a lifestyle that seeks to exclude, as far as possible, waste. Proponents of this lifestyle typically eliminate their trash bins, avoid plastic, stock up on re-usable cloth bags, and buy second-hand. They are likely to make their own beauty products, eat more whole foods, and compost. One of the most iconic zero-waste images is the ball jar of waste representing the garbage produced in a year.

Some critics of the movement point out that “zero waste” is really impossible. They are probably right. However, I see the number as the ideal and believe the world would benefit from more people trying to cut down, become as low waste, as they can. Process, not perfection.

Zero-wasters are almost always motivated by environmental ethics to adopt their lifestyle. Many zero-waste practices are common behavior for the larger environmental movement. Some practices I’ve already done without ever giving it a “zero waste” label. However, since coming across the concept of zero-waste, my eyes have been newly opened to the amount of garbage my family still produces despite my being a long term environmentalist. Therefore, I feel that exploring zero waste has tremendous potential value.

This Year’s Earth Day Resolution

For the next 30 days, I will attempt to learn about and try to integrate 30 separate zero waste practices into my life. As should be clear, I will be learning as I go. This lifestyle is new to me. I will be recording my journey on this blog. Each day’s post will speak to the work I did the previous day so that this series will end in 31 days. Please keep checking on my progress, maybe learn something new, maybe have a few laughs at my expense as I take my first baby steps.

The Rules:

  • No repeats!
  • One new practice each day for 30 days straight!
  • Each practice produces less waste (duh).
  • Each practice is kept going at least until the end of the challenge.


Until Next Time,

Let your walk do the talking!


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